The ups and downs of workload.

During weeks or days that I’m incredibly busy, I always long for a job that’s much more consistent. An actual 9 to 5. And it takes roughly halfway through a slow day before I realize the notion of me in a 9 to 5 is completely absurd and that I’d live that lifestyle for maybe two days before I throw in the towel in favor of my chaotic reality that changes day to day.

This week, for example. The magazine goes to the printer next Friday. I started out the week with getting a product I inherited from the newsroom to the printer by 1 p.m. Changes from advertising required us to pull a story and replace it with something different at the last minute. Oh, and the size of the product changed so that it had to be redesigned (people, this why you build in a buffer on deadlines). It was finally out the door the next day. I edited pieces that came in early for the next issue, finished assigning things (late, I know), and uploaded web content for one of our other magazines. Wednesday followed much of the same as Tuesday, with me working ahead on online content and sponsored content. And I’ve had work events/commitments Tuesday, last night, and still have two events tonight and one tomorrow night.

So today I found myself well worked ahead for the rest of the week. So what do I do? Stream the AHCA debate on C-SPAN and schedule a meeting with a press contact for the afternoon. I also watched League of Legends from yesterday, because multitasking is a thing.

This is the lifestyle I chose and the lifestyle I love. While I know I’ll be slammed next week and stressed to the max, I won’t be bored. I’ll be creative. It’ll get done.

Also, the term “gentlelady” is strange. And more people need to watch C-SPAN, only if you don’t have high blood pressure. It’s like a train wreck, I just can’t look away. Has anyone ever noticed that members of Congress, when given the chance to speak at a podium, seem to turn into the most fire-and-brimstone pastor you’ve ever seen? Mildly entertaining.


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