Hi, my name is Katie, and I’m bad at keeping up with my blog.

I was recently reminded that if I plan to use my blog URL in my Instagram, I might need to update it at least once a year. That’s when I realized it had, in fact, been over a year since my last post—a year full of changes at that. So it’s time for an update.

I now have multiple job titles. And job titles have changed. And I forgot to add these new titles to my updated resume, because even I forget exactly what I do on a regular basis.

Change-up No. 1: I am now the Magazines Digital Editor. Last May my team launched newsletters and websites for two of our publications, Lake Norman Magazine and SouthPark Magazine. These started out as twice a month things, and are now weekly things thanks to lovely open rates. You can subscribe to them on their individual websites (Lake Norman Mag and SouthPark Mag).

Change-up No. 2: I’m the Lead Content Editor for our fancy Observer Content Studio. Still managing/flying by the seat of my pants for all things sponsored for the company, but I now also work with the fabulous crew at CharlotteFive. I cannot express how necessary it is to have a core group of innovative creatives to work with on a daily basis. Especially when it seems like the rest of the organization is in freefall toward a dumpster fire.

Things that did not change: I still travel a ton, I thoroughly enjoy my craft booze consumption (which is heavily documented on my Instagram), and books are still there—it just takes me longer to get through them.

Stick with me; I swear I’ll get better at this blogging thing.


One thought on “Hi, my name is Katie, and I’m bad at keeping up with my blog.

  1. Now I suddenly feel a bit better about being absent for over a month over at my own blog 😛 Sometimes we just get caught up with life and it’s definitely okay to just experience for a while without writing about it too 🙂 I’m happy for you about the job changes xx


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