A Serendipitous Morning

As a creative, I love events that engage me in a creative way. Ones that speak to my career, but in the boring, corporate sense. This is why I relish my time at CreativeMornings. 

I’ve been to every installment since the first time I attended. It always surprises me how something as simple as a music performance, a mini gameshow, and a short talk from someone can leave me feeling fulfilled and excited to create new things. It never fails—CreativeMornings is my happy place.

Today was no different. The current theme, Serendipity, rings true in quite a few areas of my life. It does help that the speaker was Nick de la Canal, a radio reporter, whose career is similar enough to my area of work that the parallels were easy to see.

This current issue of the magazine, for example. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to interview someone in the NFL (pipe dream, sure), but a few months ago, a stylist emailed me and asked if I’d want to feature Jerricho Cotchery. As if she needed to ask.

I met my boyfriend by working at a beer festival as part of my job (a product I work on was a sponsor) and he happened to know one of my coworkers. With my current job, I was prepared for it, but would never have applied if I didn’t still receive emails from my J-School about open jobs.

Nick mentioned a few action items to have more of these serendipitous events: Luck favors the prepared, see opportunity everywhere you look, and always put out work. So this is me always putting out work. Bring on the luck.


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