It’ll Get Done…

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It’ll get done. Said at least once each production week. The thing is, the statement is always true. Whatever isn’t done at that point always manages to get done by deadline. That’s just what we do. Missing deadlines isn’t part of the job.

I’m not sure if this is the case for other professions, as much as it is for media and journalism. Maybe I should clarify—other desk jobs. I know most professions require people to rely on others to get a project done. But it’s almost like journalism and media are obsessive professions. Like when you take a day off, but can’t resist checking email and still getting things done.

Thoughts are constantly ruled by how to make the product better, or new ideas. Dreams of the future, the next big gig—it doesn’t stop. There is no settling. Only what comes next. Bigger and better opportunities.

Over the holidays, my family would tell me to just stop working. But it isn’t that simple. We don’t get to just stop working. I honestly can’t tell if that obsession is why I love what I do, or if that’s one of the downsides. Basically this career is mind boggling.

In my desire to keep getting things done, I have once again neglected this blog. Not only that, but I hadn’t updated my portfolio or LinkedIn with the content that I’ve produced in the past four months. That took me days to accomplish.

It made me wonder if there are many other fields where people are forced to post everything they’ve done with their job in a timely fashion in order to even be considered for future positions. Again, obsessive. Posting links to work, uploading PDFs, not to mention the social media posts that are all but required. It’s a lot, which is why blogging doesn’t happen as often as it should.

But that’s enough of my musing on my career choice. Updates on all things: the newest issue of my magazine can be accessed at the top right of this page. Or view all the issues here.


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