Weekend Wind-down

IMG_3978 IMG_3984IMG_3981


So I’m pretty proud of my Friday. Though I did not get my nap and am therefore still kind of sleep deprived, I did, however, get to have some tasty treats at a great somewhat-new ramen restaurant called Futo Buta. I attended the media soft opening for this restaurant a few months back, but this was the first time I was able to go outside of a work thing. And it was still just as yummy. Nothing really says Friday better than sake, sushi rice, and soft serve.



I was a slacker this weekend and didn’t really document much. I shopped; I partied; I cleaned. Some weekends are just rather slow. As for my Monday, I got so much done off my list. So the remainder of my afternoon is comprised of looking for inspiration in a great magazine. We’ll see if the rest of my week is less stressful than last week.


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