Weekend Wrap-up



There were no travels this week, sadly. Though I did start my weekend a bit early with an Out To Pasture saison from Heist Brewery during InstaBeerUpCLT. The meetup group is a mix of networking and beer and meets at a different brewery each month when it’s held. The details are announced on Instagram prior to the event. The group has grown exponentially since I first found out about it a few months back, but this has been the first month that I’ve been in town during the event.

The brewery was packed. They even roped off space outside for people, but it was so hot no one wanted to venture to the parking lot. I stayed, meet some people, finished my one beer, and headed home for the evening.



On Friday, SouthPark Magazine was on deadline. When this happens, all finished pages get uploaded to our printer’s preview site, and we all top edit the magazine one last time. When I edited on Friday, I decided to stream Jon Stewart with I read through the book. I don’t really like it when the office is too quiet, so I often have something else playing in the background. Overall, this was a great issue, and I’m excited to see it in print at the end of the month.



I took a celebratory Friday lunch break with our new Carolina Bride editor at Crispy Crepe in South End. I had never been to this restaurant, but I’ve had and made crepes before. This particular one is filled with grilled chicken, bechamel, spinach, and goat cheese, served au gratin potatoes. It was super filling and delicious. There should be more repurposed breakfast materials for savory dishes.



My Saturday revolved around this little guy. His name is Buzz and he loves the Dog Bar (that is an actual establishment). We took him to the Dog Bar on Saturday, then grabbed late lunch at Revolution, where he was surprisingly well behaved on the porch. It was so hot we decided to get him an inflatable pool. He’s not spoiled at all.



My low-key weekend wrapped up with brunch at Earl’s Grocery, one of my favorite mostly-healthy places in town. The food is always delicious, and the grocery selections are always impressive. I went with the turkey sandwich, which I’ve never had before. It was a yummy way to round out the weekend. The rest of my Sunday was spent in the inflatable pool. With the dog.



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