Coffee for Katies…Plus Some Actual Editing


So this morning I, evidently a prominent Charlotte Kaite, made my way to KatieCon, held at an awesome little coffeeshop in Charlotte called Rush. I had coffee with some Katies I knew, and a few that I didn’t. Overall it was a cool event with an excuse to leave the office, and I got a cool new sparkly mug to go with all the other ones lining my desk at the moment. I was proud to have captured the ironic moment that KForce decided to set up for a meeting right next to the KatieCon set up. It was magical.



This is the current state of my desk. LNM goes to print with the September issue next Friday, but tomorrow one of our other publications, SouthPark Magazine, goes to print. Though I’m not the main editor of this magazine, we all edit each other’s magazines when they’re all laid out. So this afternoon I’ve been top editing the proofs, which are on top of my planner, on my ridiculously cluttered desk. The rest of this section is covered in an itinerary and research for a travel story I’m writing, magazines I pull inspiration from, and Go Set A Watchman, because I haven’t finished it yet. The other half of my workstation includes two monitors and several coffee cups. Not that it’s particularly important, but sometimes people are curious.

Today was a pretty basic day in terms of my job. I started with a coffee event, concluded with some editing, and will end with #Instabeerup, a Charlotte monthly beer event held at a local brewery. Nothing too fancy, but far from boring.


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