A Different Kind of Night

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I didn’t get the chance to read any tonight. Occasionally with work I get to do really cool things. Tonight was one of those really cool things. Out of a collaboration between some great and talented people came the Unsung Hero Honorary Dinner. About 20 selfless people and their guests were honored with a dinner for their charitable works in the community. These people were nominated by peers, and some didn’t even know who nominated them.

Some of the best chefs in the city put together an amazing menu for the night. And for those of us who love the food world and use food as a way of service to others, we got to help out. I haven’t done major food service for a few years, but it was a great evening of meeting inspiring individuals and getting to watch them all become friends over a family-style meal. So instead of having my head in a book, I served some food, mingled with some of the brightest in the city, and took home a to-go box. I figured one night off won’t hurt too much.

Though I did read some more of the book last night and made it about halfway through. The astrological/astronomical confusion continues, as does some mix-ups between “then” and “than.” The author doesn’t use “than” at all. That’s the problem with loving to read and being an editor. I just can’t get past the small stuff.

Stay tuned.


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