Solid Sunday…So Far



Not all Sundays as an editor include work, but this particular Sunday does. With two magazines out next week, today starts off with some editing and a movie. And I have to say – it’s not all bad. Although I love writing, editing is just something else entirely. I feel like it’s almost a grammar workout. Like a pop quiz on everything I’ve learned so far.

So for at least this morning, I’ll be editing a special section for LNM, probably watch some football, and I’ll more than likely cook something.

But after I finish work, I plan to actually start one of the new free books that I have on my Kindle. I’m still not entirely sure which book to start with (do I go with the first one I ever got, or the new one I downloaded yesterday?), but later today I will have a selection, and along with that comes another blog post.

Stay tuned.



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