Selection Sunday

No Place for a Dame

No Place for a Dame

I don’t know if I’ve watched too much ESPN today, but picking a new book to start feels like Selection Sunday. Maybe I should have drawn up a bracket to weigh the pros and cons of all the contenders to really make this as fair as possible. I may do that for future stories, but this one was easy. I chose the first free book I ever got from Amazon, “No Place for a Dame” by Connie Brockway.

This is not the kind of book that I’d typically pick up from the bookstore. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I always do. This looks like a typical regency-era romance novel, and I don’t usually read those. I think the fact that I haven’t read a book like this before is part of its intrigue.

I usually don’t read anything about the book before I decide which of the four I want to download for that month, so I really had no idea what this book was supposed to be about. Until today. After reading the back jacket off Amazon, this book supposedly has a little more than a bygone era romance. The main character, Avery, is a woman trying to become a member of the Royal Astronomical Society – no place for a female. But she finds help in Giles, one lucky lord who gets to sponsor Avery as she pretends to be a boy to gain admittance. As just about anyone could guess, Avery might be just what Giles needs to unlock his heart….

We shall see if the book is actually as predictable as I think it will be. Stay tuned.


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