On Travel.

I love traveling. I always have. I’ll go anywhere, really. I enjoy traveling for both work and just for fun. But one thing is always the same—it takes a long time to get back in the groove after traveling. Especially so when the return back doesn’t quite go as planned.

It gets even worse when you have side hustles and need to work while you’re going. I found out the hard way that working on a computer during a flight with turbulence just isn’t great for productivity. It’s pretty awful. Then while being out of town, I was constantly stressed about how much work I’d have to get done on the flight back.

Then the flight back didn’t happen. It was delayed, then ultimately canceled. Then our next flight was delayed, which means missed connection, which means we got back home a solid 24 hours later than we were supposed to. I had to take a work call via hangout in a terminal in the Philadelphia airport. It was great.

Exploring new areas is always a ton of fun, and that was definitely the case. Traveling is just exhausting, no matter where you go. And people with side hustles—learn from my mistakes. Don’t take work with you. Just unplug and do the work before you leave.


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