I’m starting to think I’m becoming a theater snob. My SO and I are current season ticket holders for the city theater (first time). We’ve been going to shows since last spring. We saw a show tonight, at a different location than usual, and a first tour of a new musical. And I’m starting think I’m becoming a snob.

I didn’t care for the music too much because it wasn’t traditional by any stretch. Then there were issues with the lights. The stage lights kept blinding us every time they moved. Then the audience. It was a family friendly show, so naturally the audience included kidsโ€”way more than usual. Kids who sing all the songs. And then the average annoying audience member who has too much perfume on and has something to say during the entire show. I ended up in a funk and it had nothing to do with the performance, really.

Which leads me to think I’m becoming a theater snob, and I’m not particularly happy about it.


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