What a Day.

Any by ‘day,’ I mean 24 hours.

Coolest thing I’ve done in 2018: Attended a private rehearsal of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons by the Charlotte Symphony, accompanied/led by Aisslinn Novsky. It was incredibly intimate—only 33 people in attendance—and so moving to get to watch the musicians rehearse beautiful music together. Really tops for me.

Which set me up for a hell of a Friday. Creative Mornings: check. Preview a new proposal: check. Scheduled meeting: check. Impromptu meeting: check. Scheduled meeting: double-booked. Then a whirlwind of I-need-this-now assignments that I actually enjoy doing. For some odd reason, I’m much better at quick turns than things I’ve known about for months.

And now that all of that is wrapped up, I get specialty beer and date night. And actually wrote every day for a week.


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