Moving On.

No one really likes to do it. Most of the time we say we’re over things, but out of no where you’ll feel a tinge of regret and feelings come flooding back.

Currently I’m trying to move on–specifically from my time as a magazine editor. Which tends to be difficult when you still have two issues to put out in three weeks.

I’m moving on from my role in editorial to be a producer for the Creative Lab at McClatchy. I’ve been angling for this position for months, but now that I’ve accepted it, I must quickly come to terms with the changes. And that terrifies me.

I know magazines in and out. The entire process, I have it covered. I can translate what I know about the production process to any other magazine out there. But what I’ve decided to do is make a career leap. And I’m glad I’m scared.

If I wasn’t scared, I wouldn’t be taking a risk. If I wasn’t taking a risk, I’d be bored. It’s not like I’m striking out on my own or traveling the world. But I have to move past what I think I know and learn something wholly new with a new team–possibly the hardest part of it all.

So there are big changes coming. I hope to keep documenting it all here–I’ll need a place to gather my thoughts. My plan is to keep freelancing, but I’m not making too many plans these days. I have to see how this all plays out.


One thought on “Moving On.

  1. This sounds exciting for you! There’s this quote I really like that you’ve probably heard before too: The comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever really grows there.
    I think it describes your situation pretty well:)


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