Not ok.

Hibernating. Winter is Coming.

Hibernating. Winter is Coming.

So it’s been a while. Nearly two months, actually. I’ve been hibernating from my favorite hobby. This is not ok.

The reason(s) why I haven’t been posting is because of work. Like most people, especially those in publishing, the holidays are the busiest time of year. Sure, we wrap up December issues way back in October. But now comes the first issues of the New Year, all while seemingly the entire population is on vacation. Great.

I swear I didn’t come on here to nag. But work getting in the way of my non-work writing is just not acceptable. The thing most don’t realize is that people who write for a living need an outlet for…writing. We have to write the things we can’t write about at work. Otherwise our lives get stale. There’s no longer life to words. Each sentence is written because the product needs to get doneโ€”not because there’s a purpose for it.

This is why I need my blog. This week, I revamped one magazine in one day, and the very next finished the content for another. All the while working with upwards of ten clients on separate advertorials and dealing with people dropping out at the last minute. And then putting those fires out. This is what happens when four books go to the printer in three weeks. Disaster, stress, and tension. All things that drastically hinder the creative process. We start sacrificing taste and quality in favor of time-saving and being able to say everything is finished. I need to be able to write in a space not dictated by deadlines in order to make everything else I produce up to my, and everyone else’s, standards.

Blogging is important. Even if I do drivel along in psuedo-philosophical babble about basically nothing. It works for me. It keeps me sane. Ask anyone else that works in this industry: it’s easy to lose your mind out here.


2 thoughts on “Not ok.

  1. I work in a non-writing profession, but I am at the computer all day. It is really difficult to get myself to write in my free time, to get myself back in front of the computer when my brain is telling me to prop up my feet, drink a cold beverage, and let something else entertain it.


    • That’s my struggle. Once I finally get home, I don’t feel like writing anymore. I’ve decided to try writing during the day instead, getting it out of the way, then continuing with my work. Maybe that will help?


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