Back to Work



I hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday season! I’m finally back in Charlotte after visiting with my parents and family for a week in my hometown. I was completely swamped with last-minute shopping, wrapping, and hours upon hours of cooking. For full look at how that went (and for a peek at what I cook for the holidays) check out my instagram, @katie_mcoleman. I always look forward to how my Yaya decides to decorate each year, and this year she did not disappoint (see picture above). She’s just so crafty.

I did get some work done. I finished the sports history book and wrote the review (yay!). I had a little:

127 139 142 143







The whippets didn’t like that I had to do work while I was home. Clockwise from top left I have Woody, Woody again (I know, he’s just too cute), Jasper, and Lucy. I have a golden retriever at home, too, but she doesn’t really care about what goes on while I’m there. And she’s really bad at photos.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I will be starting the next book, “The Line,” today.

Stay tuned.


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